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Is Your Little Splasher Ready for Swim Lessons?

If your little “splasher” takes to water like a fish, it may be time to sign up for Swim101 classes! But listen up… it’s important for parents to understand that swim classes for babies and toddlers should not be designed to teach little ones how to swim on their own. At Swim101, our focus is meant for children and parents to be able to have fun together, safely, in the water.

There are many studies that show that swim lessons are a benefit to children in areas of cognitive learning, gross motor and social development. And of course, there are many studies that show that with just one parent present while young children are in the water, the incident of drowning are significantly reduced. It is a persuasive illustration of why signing up for swim lessons should take place in January…not just in the summer.

Your next question may be “how do I know if my little splasher is ready for swim lessons?” Here are some tips to help you decide.

Swim lessons for infants and toddlers isn’t a necessity, it is a lifelong commitment. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now supports swim lessons starting at age 1 and older…but only for those showing positive signs of readiness. For example, is your child giddy about taking a bath? Do you think they would enjoy something larger than a bathtub? The benefits for starting your child early in swim lessons are astronomical. In fact, research shows (Griffith University Study, 2012) that the earlier a child starts swimming the more advanced they are socially, physically, cognitively and emotionally.

If you are still uncertain if your child is ready for swim lessons, you can always speak directly to their pediatrician. Ask if they feel they are developmentally, emotionally and physically ready to partake in swim lessons with you. These are all the recommendations we, at Swim101 feel are imperative to a positive experience in our program.

And remember, age isn’t the only indicator of when your child may be ready for swim lessons. Keep in mind that each child has their own personal timeline of when they are ready, plus parents need to be ready and willing to commit to this lifelong commitment to add swim lessons into your weekly activities.

If your Michigan baby/toddler is regularly exposed to the water (we do live in the Great Lakes), be it a pool or the beach, and shows interested in the water – all swim signs point to go. Commit to starting your child on a positive lifelong goal of being safe around water while enjoying quality time with you! Make your New Year’s Resolution one that matters in 2019.

The Swim101 Team

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