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Let’s talk about swimming…

Spring is less than a month away and many of us will be traveling to warmer climates to get a jump-start to our summer. As the team that owns and works at a swim school, we start to become more anxious this time of the year. We should be excited about the weather warming up, and happy for people going on vacation…but we also know there are too many children that don’t know how to swim. We simply can’t help but go there….it is our passion and our job.

During our parties and our open swim times we host at Splash, we see far too often the lack of water knowledge from both parents and their children. It is easy to feel comfortable at Splash, you are in a safe environment with lifeguards and instructors right near the pool. But every week in our family swims/party events, and we mean every week, we pull at least one child out of the pool who is struggling (and our pool is only 4ft). They do not have the ability or strength to get to the side of a pool, and their parents are usually only a few feet away. Now take those same parents and children to a beach or a pool that is not as “safe” and you see why we get anxious. It can be something as simple as shallow water at a beachfront and your whole life can change.

This blog is not meant to scare you…. Well maybe it is. We want all parents to understand the seriousness of making sure your children can swim. It needs to be as important as learning their ABC’s or reading a book. As parents, we know it is easy to put a child in a “puddle jumper” or a life jacket to make ourselves feel better, but all that does is build a false sense of security. This can actually cause more dire issues in the future when a child simply walks into the water not realizing they do not have on a jacket…we have seen it too many times to count.

If your child happens to be one that can swim for a length of time in the water, fantastic! However, most cannot. If you, or anyone you know has been waiting to start swim lessons, NOW is the time to sign up. SPRING should be an annual reminder to get back to the pool for lessons. Plus, if you want your child to be safe and ready for summer, they will need more time than a couple of weeks. Most kids don’t magically acquire the ability to swim in a week or even a month, they need regularly scheduled weekly lessons (just like learning to read).

The majority of children will take months and sometimes even years to create a strong skillset allowing them to SAFELY swim independently, without a floatation device, in a controlled environment. Did you have a child that swam well last year? Are you wondering if they need lessons this year? The answer is YES! Imagine if your child did not read for an entire year, and then picked it back up again twelve months later. Think they would be rusty? Absolutely! But that is just reading. They can survive that. Not knowing how to swim, could be life threatening. Swimming skills are HIGHLY perishable, especially in younger children, and need to be refreshed!

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