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Intermediate Splashers

Intermediate Splashers (13-36 months)

This class will build upon the goals learned in Beginner Splashers, but because the children are older, the expectations and activities will be more advanced yet age-appropriate. The children will continue to hone and improve their skills and techniques of floating, submersion, and kicking. The adults continue their bonding with their child while learning techniques that will enhance their child’s experience.

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Ages 3 months - 3 years

Introduce your baby to the water with our fun Baby Splashers classes! These classes are designed to familiarize your baby with the water in a stimulating, safe and reassuring environment.

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Swim instructor teaching child the front stroke


Ages 3 years - 5 years

Designed to foster water exploration, confidence, and comfort. Your little splasher will enjoy learning to swim in a fun and interactive environment.

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Swim instructor teaching toddler to float on their back


Ages 5 years - 12 years

Focused on improving and enhancing the foundational skills of your swimmer so they can feel safe, confident and capable in the water!

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Swim instructor playing with baby in the pool

Swim Team

All Ages

The Swim 101 swim team gives your child a chance to compete in a fun, exciting and motivating environment.

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Two swimmers holding gold medals