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Patience and Persistance

This is what we are calling a swim highlight story. We will be doing these stories periodically throughout the year as we want to spotlight different families and their kids.

This first story is one that I’ve been wanting to write for a while because it is a heartwarming post that highlights a young boy (pictured above) and his parents. The boy in the video below is named Michael and he started at Splash! back in February, 2016 when he was 3 years old. Michael was and still is a very cautious and sweet boy but I would like to take you back to his first class. In his first class, Michael was very apprehensive because he was afraid as many children are on their first day of anything. When Michael’s class was called dad walked into the pool area with him and for comfort’s sake sat near Michael’s class for moral support. Michael tentatively entered the water and sat on the step in the water but while his coach was calmly trying to get him to come in further, Michael hopped out and sat on dad’s lap and that’s how the  first lesson went. Michael would get in the water and then hop out and sit on dad’s lap (I’m not sure who was wetter that day, dad or Michael?). However, as each weekly lesson went by, he started to gain more confidence and soon dad was no longer needed on the pool deck.

As time went on, he continued to improve and started to go underwater, started doing bobs, floating on his back and then his stomach. With every new skill he gained more confidence. He began to trust himself and started pushing off the wall all by himself. Again this was only possible with the patience and persistence of his parents. They knew that Michael had to learn how to swim and they were not going to let him stop.

I would like to fast forward to this past week where Michael was pushing off on his back and his stomach and when he was asked to use his arms, he started swimming. This was because of hard work by Michael and more importantly the patience and persistence of his parents. Swimming isn’t always easy and kids get stuck in different levels but that’s ok as long as the parents are resilient and patient because swimming is a life-long needed skill. The strength Michael showed to believe and more importantly the strength his parents showed to trust the process just highlights so many of our parents here at Splash! Oxford.

Here is Michael kicking on his back all by himself –

Here is Michael kicking on his stomach and then swimming –

We are so proud of Michael of all of his accomplishments to date but the great thing is he will keep improving each and every day as will each and every child we have in our swim lesson program. Improvements can only come with hard work, patience and persistence.

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