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The earlier you enter your child in to swim lessons, the easier it is for them to set him or herself apart from their peers. This is supported with the Griffiths Research Study in which researchers surveyed the parents of 7,000 children, ages 5 and under, from three different countries. On average, these children were well advanced socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

3 Months - 3 Years


Welcome to a fun and relaxing aquatic experience for both babies and adults a like!

3 Years - 4 Years


Watch as your young splasher gains confidence in the water in these fun-filled classes!

5 Years - Above


By focusing on the fundamentals, your kids will evolve into graceful, independent swimmers!


Swim Team

This team is designed to further develop skills learned in Swim 101 lessons. The team will meet on Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:15.

About Us

Swim 101

Swim 101 was created out of a love for swimming, a passion for teaching and a desire to make a difference. Centered upon the beliefs and combined knowledge of founders, Brad Robinson and Paul Howard, Swim 101 is unlike your ordinary swim school. Our unique approach starts with considering the needs of each individual student and is designed to make the learn-to-swim process a comfortable and exciting one. With every new milestone, we focus on working to unlock your child’s independence and improve their skills in the water. For us, this is hardly work because we love what we do and having fun with our students is inherent to the teaching process. We’ve assembled a team of coaches and instructors whose enthusiasm, training and experience make every single lesson an enjoyable one.


Brad Robinson & Paul Howard

Meet Our Founders

Brad Robinson

Brad’s love for the water was sparked at a very early age when he was enrolled in regular swim lessons. As he grew so too did his love for swimming, leading to a lifetime of experiences both in the water and from the pool deck. After competing on his high school team and swimming for a USS Swim Team, Brad moved on to coaching. The program at Swim-101 is modeled after Brad’s experiences owning and coaching Swim America Swim Lessons. A skilled swim coach, Brad trained swimmers who competed at every level including a swimmer medaling at the Olympics. In 2013, Brad was honored for his successful coaching career when he was elected into the Macomb County Coaches Hall of Fame.

“I love working with today’s youth because I feel there is nothing like seeing the sense of pride a child has after they accomplish a goal they have worked so hard to achieve. As motivating as it is to me, it is the child’s success that drives me. This is why we are building a program that will allow a child to safely learn, to nurture through the struggles of learning new skills, to succeed in a fun, caring and energetic environment.”


Paul Howard

Paul was introduced to the world of swimming much later than most. At 12 years old he learned how to swim, and a year later he was competing. He quickly became one of the leading swimmers in Michigan in his age group, eventually becoming All-American in High School. His passion for swimming continued into college and beyond, as he continued to swim competitively for another 25 years. But, his love for swimming didn’t stop there. As successful of a swimmer as he was, Paul was just as talented as a coach. His experience is far reaching, from teaching beginners to coaching award winning All-Americans. During his coaching career Paul was fortunate enough to train Junior and Senior Nationals, collegiate All-Americans, Olympic qualifiers and even Olympians.

“My goal is for every child in our program to experience the three interlocking circles of swimming: enjoyment, fitness, and lifetime fulfillment knowing that you can swim.”


“Paul the owner was so helpful and caring when helping my child become comfortable with water! Amazing environment with great coaching staff.”

- Craig H.

Swim 101 Parent