GLAC Member Tuition FeeNON-GLAC Tuition FeeAnnual Registration Fee
1st Child$92.15$97.00$25.00
2nd Child$87.30$92.15$25.00
3rd Child$82.95$87.30$25.00
GLAC Member Private LessonNON-GLAC Tuition Fee For PrivateAnnual Registration Fee
1st Child$180.50$190.00$25.00
2nd Child$180.50$190.00$25.00
3rd Child$180.50$190.00$25.00

Classes are held on Tuesday Evenings (4:30-7:30), Thursday Evenings (4:30-7:30 and on Saturday mornings (9am-noon). If your child is under the age of 3, they would be placed in our baby classes and an adult would need to be in the water with them. Children with ages 3-4 would be placed in our toddler classes and children that are 5 years old and older would be placed in our kid classes. If your child is comfortable in the water without floaties, we recommend a free evaluation so your child can be placed accurately.

Please contact us for a free evaluation time: